What we analyze

Our organizational analysis consists of three areas of focus:

1.  Operational:  is your company maximizing its speed to market and responsiveness to its environment?  Is it accurately tracking and monitoring its

      assets, thereby minimizing waste, theft and misuse? 

2.  Efficiency:  can your company benefit from additional automation to address reduced staffing and demanding customers?

3.  Energy Costs:  is your company accurately monitoring its energy consumption, and can retrofits be installed to reduce monthly consumption and

     thereby save on operating expenses?

Our services and products address these general questions in detail, with rapid deployment of solutions, and more importantly, an expedient return on savings.

Technology-Based Consulting

Our company specializes in improving your bottom line by focusing on two key aspects:  1) how can we make your company run more efficiently; and 2) how can we reduce your operating expenses. Particularly for companies that are struggling with rising staffing and energy costs, as well as sluggish inventory-tracking, our solutions can have a dramatic impact in as little as one business quarter, with overall cost savings of 20-40%.

What We Do


We pride ourselves on our ability to understand the unique needs of our customers—quickly and intelligently. We can provide the right consultant (or team of consultants) for your project, and can have a customized solution in place within days of initial contact.

MISSION STATEMENT:  To use our expertise and network of products and services, to streamline efficiency and improve our clients' bottom line.