San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)

As a member of SDG&E's Trade Alliance Program, CMH works with SDG&E to raise awareness and participation in SDG&E's energy efficiency solutions. Together, CMH and SDG&E can help San Diego customers save additional utility costs by showing them the benefits of energy-efficient equipment, which aside from direct cost-savings, also opens up CMH's customers to business incentives and rebates through SDG&E.

Astro Building Services (ABS)

ABS Consulting is a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (CVE-DBVE/SDVOSB certified), that provides mechanical and energy retrofit installations, power-monitoring and efficiency services, and durable supplies (such as construction supplies) for those clients needing to satisfy their DVBE/SDVOSB requirements within the state of California and nationally.  CMH Consulting Group works hand-in-hand with ABS to provide the same level of expertise and professionalism that CMH clients have come to expect in the private sector.


The days of the lone-wolf paradigm are over.  In a global economy, with global competition, your alliances have to be an important component of any business plan.  To that end, we have partnered with some of the leading companies in their respective fields, so that our business solutions are not only comprehensive, but use the best products and services in the market, with the all-important support that starts from installation, through implementation, and continues in perpetuity. Likewise, our goal is to form relationships with our clients that last a lifetime.

One Cycle Control

Invented at Caltech and UC Irvine, and developed in concert with the Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Defense (DOD), the California Energy Commission (CEC), and the California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE), One-Cycle products deliver a new paradigm.  One Cycle actively converts 3-phase power using their proprietary hardware with fast, precise, universal control.  Their flagship product, OCC-APF, actively filters harmonics from electrical systems within MINUTES, reducing harmonics to >5%, and increasing power factor to an unbelievable 99%.

Quake Global

Quake Global is the world’s leading provider of industrial asset monitoring and tracking communications systems (RFID). Quake Global’s asset monitoring and tracking communications systems enable end users to improve daily operations and reduce costs through efficient and cost-effective real-time management of assets anywhere on the planet.

Energy Performance Services (EPS)

EPS specializes in Title 24 energy compliance and can provide a Title 24 report for any California project, from residential through commercial types (including HVAC systems), new-construction, remodels or additions.

Astro Energy

Astro Energy is the owner of ECO-1, a ground-breaking power monitoring software originally developed by a NASA engineer who designed launch and system software for space missions.  ECO-1 provides power-monitoring services, using easily-installed software to analyze, and manage power infrastructures of any size organization, up to corporate campuses, amusement parks and high-rise multi-tenant buildings. The services provided by ECO-1 help decision-makers understand and manage the true costs of energy,  costs that can accurately be managed, reduced, and/or billed to projects, departments and tenants.